I was so overtaken by 'Pie Anxiety' yesterday that I couldn't even read the details of the Papa Gino's closures. You can imagine how happy I was when I saw with my own eyes that the Dover location was spared.

Train Images
Train Images

The first thing I looked for was the notice of closure on their entrance, and it wasn't there!

Then I noticed that the their big sign out by the road was advertising for help AND drivers wanted.

I always get two X-Large pies for take out from this location every Thanksgiving Eve and it is also the only pizza that all three of my nephews can agree on.

Needless to say I would have been totally crushed if this place was closed down.

Unfortunately, it appears that the D'Angelo location on Main Street in Rochester did not make the cut. I have been ordering their Classic #9 there since the early 90's!

Thankfully, the Portsmouth location on Woodbury Avenue is still on their website which is a ten minute drive from the station.

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