Portsmouth is obviously the most hipster town in New Hampshire, but do you know which part of it is was recently ranked as the most hipster neighborhood in the granite state?

According to a new listicle on Buzzfeed, you'll find the most New Hampshire hipsters gathered in the West End of Portsmouth.

West End is Portsmouth’s most artsy ‘hood which, for an already artsy city, is saying something. The Button Factory is quite literally a nineteenth century Button Factory, though these days it hosts a number of local artists that hang there, creating things. At White Heron Tea, you’ll find turmeric lattes and vegan breakfast wraps, and at Street, Thai street food-inspired dishes.

Places like the Portsmouth Museum of Art, and WSCA Portsmouth Community Radio also help to make it a desirable location among hipsters.

Don't be fooled by the geography of it. The West End of Portsmouth is much more than just the western area of the town. It's actually more specific and defined as "the Islington corridor from Maplewood to Route 33."

Portsmouth's West End actually has its own website and hashtag (a total hipster move) so it's not hard to believe this neighborhood was chosen.


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