Call me naive, but the flying tackle administered by NY Jets player Jamal Adams looks too violent to be fake. He got crushed!

Even if this was staged, I think Adams went way over the top in 'selling' this takedown

After watching this a number of times and scouring the Twitterverse for any clues as to it's authenticity, there are two things that make me lean to the opinion that it was staged.

1. Pat's Head Doesn't Fly Off

In virtually any mascot mishap, the head always is the first thing the fly off and roll. Basketball, football, baseball, hockey. At all levels of professional sport.

His head remains securely fastened throughout the entirety of the beat down.

2. This Tweet

If there were any pending lawsuit, I would think that Mr. Patriot would refrain from any further social media engagement.

My guess is since 99% of the crowd at The Pro Bowl meet and greet in Orlando were booing Pat Patriot yesterday (big surprise). This attack was orchestrated and Adams did not hold back.

Hopefully Pat won't be limping on February 3rd!

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