Chase, tell us something we didn't know.  :)

Patriots Linebacker, Chase Winovich tweeted out, "NH is so cool."  Then, about an hour later, he tweeted "Portsmouth is randomly the coolest city in the world!"  How awesome is that?!

Managing Editor for Seacoast Current, Richard Morin says,

Chase Winovich is quite a character.   He has a very eccentric personality, eccentric interests and he loves himself very much.  There is no bigger Chase Winovich fan than Chase himself.

Well, Richard.  You just described a super cool guy.

I am a big fan of Chase Winovich for a couple reasons.  One, he plays for the New England Patriots, so he's got me right there.  Then, you gotta love a guy with super cool hair.  Blondes definitely do have more fun.  Would you look at that smile?  I'm sure if I bumped in to Chase at say.... The Friendly Toast or Rudy's in Downtown Portsmouth, we would have a lovely chat about how cool NH is and according to my friend Richard, how cool Chase is himself.

I have always said, if you have the goods to back it up, then being a big fan of yourself is always encouraged.  What I can't stand is if someone is bragging and they DON'T have the proof.  Admittedly, I don't know Chase's stats and since the Pats really didn't have a great year this year, maybe he can't back it up either.  I'm just reading his Twitter page and from what I can see, he doesn't seem THAT self-involved, but hey... what do I know.

Welcome to NH, Chase!  Come on by The Shark anytime you're in the 603!

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