Paul Simon has been named in a lawsuit filed on behalf of his former accountant. But here’s the kicker: the accountant, Kenneth Ira Starr, is currently in prison for stealing from Simon and many other celebrities in a Ponzi scheme.

TMZ is reporting that the trustee who was assigned to oversee Starr’s finances has uncovered an unpaid bill for services rendered to Simon. The trustee is seeking the amount of the bill, $17,174.49, as well as interest and attorney’s fees.

Granted, that amount is chump change compared to the estimated $33 million that Starr stole from his clients, But Starr declared bankruptcy in 2011, just as he was about to be sentenced to seven and one-half years in jail, and the trustee has been going through Starr’s books to find money still owed in order to pay his creditors.

In addition to Simon, Starr’s list of clients included Al Pacino, Liam Neeson and Warren Beatty.

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