What a trip back in time this is! Thanks to YouTuber 'Chuck Huffman' for posting this amazing footage of a southbound trip through Pease to the Chug A Lug in Portsmouth on Route One.

I must say I do not remember The Chug A Lug.

From the middle of the woods that once dominated the landscape of Pease Air Force Base (I got so excited when I finally saw the watertower!)

Right down 16 thru the Portsmouth Traffic Circle past The Meadowbrook Inn and under the Islington overpass to the area where Portsmouth Toyota is now.

What was there in 1984? You briefly see The NH Vocational Technical Institute which was my Father's alma mater!

A little further South and you'll see one of my favorite haunts, The Dinnerhorn Bratskellar looking much like it does today! The Yoken's sign is identical too, however as we all know, the restaurant is long gone.

This video was just published back in April of the year, thanks again to Chuck Huffman for presenting it to the world!

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