You're looking at the bountiful feast that Ian from Pepper's Landing brought The Shark Morning Show this morning. It was a glorious and historic edition of 'Time For Food'

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Train Images

I'd just like to clarify what you're looking at in case I was trembling a bit when I took the photo. The right side of the table is loaded with extra loaded lobster rolls.

The golden brown item hovering as a centerpiece to this feast? It's an artisan pretzel that isn't defying gravity, but rather, hanging on it's own specialized hook with three kinds of dipping sauces. (I stole the mustard before this photo was taken).

I'm a bit of an self-appointed expert when it comes to gigantic pretzels and let me just say that not only is this the all time champion pretzel in quantity? It is also that in quality. OUTSTANDING consistency and flavor.

The plate at the back of this photo was fully stocked as well. Not only was there fresh smoked bluefish and sweet gherkins, there was something that I never had before!

Ian had supplied us with a nice assortment of caper berries. I have had 'capers' before but nothing like this. They were about the size of a grape and were a perfect compliment to this smorgasbord of awesomeness.

Pepper's Landing at 135 Marketplace Landing, 'The Ridge' is 'right up on Route 11' in Rochester and has just opened it's doors. They now have plenty of both inside and outside seating!

Thanks again Ian!

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