Remember a couple months ago when this sad looking snake plant was discovered drying out in an abandoned wing of The Bob Fuller Media Center? You should see it now!

March 27th

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May 23rd

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Just this weekend, I finally freed him from his pot and was going to re-pot him into something bigger. It was then that I think I discovered what most of the problem was with its sickly appearance. There was hardly any soil in the pot at all. It was being choked out by its own roots.

I don't know the first thing about proper plant care, so thankfully my Ma told me to separate the four plants and they'll be way better off that way.

I can't believe how much better the color is already. The two plants in the foreground were so yellow, they looked more like bananas just a couple days ago. Within a day of replanting, the two 'healthy' plants seemed that much more healthy and the sick plants actually looked green!

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To keep it in perspective, this is what this poor little guy looked like when I discovered him. I was trying to take a picture of a pair of cardinals in this window. They flew away, but upon inspection of the photo, I discovered just how crispy this critter had become.

I was close to throwing it out in the dumpster, but after Sarah cut away the dead parts and watered what was left over, I decided to adopt what remained.

They say snake plants are in the 'hard to kill' category and this escapade has really proven that for sure.

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