They may have the most advanced school in the state, but certain roads still need big work.

Like most towns/cities with four distinct seasons, parts of Sanford, Maine have a been a bit of a mess for years. Growing up in the area, I conducted years of research of cruising Main St. Sanford's most travelled stretch of road has always been in good shape, but a few streets away, you've run the risk of losing a hubcap, or worse. Recently, it was was awarded $5,000 to help fill in potholes by Domino's Pizza.

According to, Domino's say they have received more than 137,000 nominations from 15,275 different zip codes in all 50 states. Sanford proved to be a needy location, thanks in part to residents. Sanford Domino’s franchise owner Lee Prior said “Cracks, bumps and potholes can easily ruin a good carryout pizza, and nobody wants that." “We’re thrilled that Sanford was selected as a grant recipient to help smooth the ride home for our carryout customers.”

No word on which roads will receive treatment.






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