If history has taught us anything it's that Pizza Hut is the Apple Inc. of fast food chains; always reinventing itself with game changing innovations and their latest announcement is no different.

I remember when stuffed crust debuted like it was yesterday. And when they turned the '$5 meal' game on its head by lowering the price of the greatest buffet of all time to the $5 standard.

Now they're rebooting their menu to feature 11 new recipes, 10 new crusts, 6 new sauces, 5 new toppings, and 4 flavor-pack drizzles. It's called the 'Flavor of Now', and they're not stopping there. The company is unveiling a new logo, new unis for employees, and new pizza boxes.

Of the seemingly infinite menu options, I'm looking forward to trying the Creamy Garlic Parmesan and Honey Sriracha sauces, the Premium Salami topping, Salted Pretzel crust, and the 7-Alarm Fire pizza. Screw it, I want to try them all.

Look for the changes to take place around the globe beginning November 19.

Are you as excited for this as I am? If not, you're only lying to yourself.

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