It’s amazing how crafty thieves can be.

Police in Manchester are putting out the word that catalytic converter thefts are on the rise, including on the Seacoast, according to

Catalytic converters are easy to remove and expensive to replace which makes them an easy target for thieves that know what they are doing.

There have been more thefts in Dover, Rochester, Manchester, and all over the Seacoast area, the news station reported.

Michael Shackford, the service manager at Tri-City Towing in Rochester, told, “It’s amazing how expensive they really are. Usually, they’ll take a Sawzall and cut and cut.”

If you don’t know much about cars, the catalytic converter is a filter that is pretty easily accessible and is located right underneath your car.  If you have ever had to replace one, you will know how much they cost.

A catalytic converter being stolen out of a food pantry truck that belonged to the ‘We Care Food Pantry’ in Milton, NH.  The community came together to help them out, but with more than 75 reported thefts of these catalytic converters since October, per the news station, it seems to be getting ridiculous.

Unfortunately, there is no way to lock up your catalytic converter.

Police suspect these thefts are pandemic-related, according to Since everyone is home all the time, it’s harder for thieves to do home break-ins, so they are going for what they think are easier targets such as cars.

The police are hoping for the public’s help in identifying these criminals and are warning that those who commit these thefts will be prosecuted along with those that are buying the suspicious items.

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