Lumbersexual. Yes, it's a drink, and you can find it at the "best bar" in the state of Maine.

Vena's Fizz House, located on 90 Bridge Street in Westbrook, is a wicked cool cocktail baR that got a lot of attention in 2020, but what about now?

It was crowned by Mashed a couple years ago as the best bar in the state of Maine. Do you agree?

I have not yet been there, so I did some research, and wow. This place does seems epic.

It looks like they live up to the reputation that Mashed gave them. The first thing that stood out to me about this spot (besides its enchanting old-fashioned atmosphere) is their selection of drinks! The names alone captivated me.

Who wouldn't want a Lumbersexual? It's not just a drink, but a cool concoction of Gin, pine, (get it) tonic, lemon, rosemary, and a bit of bitterness.

Other whimsical names like Elderflower vodka Collins, Hemingway's Muse, Boothby Square Sipper, and Kopi Old Fashioned caught my attention as well.

According to the article, Vena's Fizz House does stand out from the rest because they really cater to our local Maine spins and themes like the drink, Rocky Coast Bloody Mary.

Vena's Fizz was established in 2013 by the dynamic husband and wife duo of Johanna and Steve Corman. It's also not just a bar, but a retail shop. Once inside, you'll discover various cocktail kits, vintage barware, and locally crafted bitters you can buy.

Which bar do I think deserves the "W?" Glad you asked, because I have a couple in mind.

If it were up to me, based primarily on the places I've been, I would have to say Obscura Drinkary in downtown Lewiston.  It's quite amusing how the nostalgic and old-fashioned ambiance shines through in both establishments. With its charming speakeasy vibe, Obscura transports you to an era when alcohol was outlawed. Given my personal style, I'm confident that Vena's Fizz House would also captivate my taste buds, as it embodies a similar captivating atmosphere.

Another spot that really tickles my fancy is the Lion's Den in downtown Waterville. It's two floors, and they just finished renovations on the lower level, which looks incredible.

The dimly lit ambiance of the Lion's Den provides a perfect setting for us ladies who appreciate flattering lighting. The Lion's Den gives you that warm but contemporary feel. It's the energy and mood that I love at the Lion's Den, and the delicious green tea shots don't hurt either!

If you were to vote which bar is the best in Maine, which would you choose and why?

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