This is great news for a Portsmouth 5th grader and sad news at the same time.

Aadhavan Veerendra, 10 years old from Portsmouth and a 5th grader at Little Harbor School in Portsmouth has won the NH State Spelling Bee.  He could have gone on to the National Bee, but concerns over COVID-19 is going to prevent that from happening, according to WMUR.

The National Spelling Bee has been cancelled.  The report from WMUR says that's the first time since World War II.

Addy practices his spelling every day and I'm sure he feels very disappointed, but he should feel very proud too.  It's quite an accomplishment to be able to beat out all the other kids!  The WMUR report says that Addy donated $500 of his prize money from this competition to the Little Harbor School!  How great is this guy?

I wonder if Train is going to be able to spell the words that I will be giving to him tomorrow on the Shark Morning Show?  There won't be any prize money involved, however, Train prides himself on being a really great speller, so I'm sure he's going to be practicing tonight.  I hope he doesn't ask me the origins of the words because I'm not going to know that.

I remember entering a spelling competition when I was in the fourth grade.  I didn't do too badly, but I didn't win either.

Remember Addy, that we are proud of you!

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