The City of Portsmouth had a virus attack their computers, according to Some residents may have received an email saying that they owe a fine to the City. Portsmouth has spent more than $100,000 to date to try and fix the problem, according to the article, while more attacks still need to be addressed.

I can absolutely see how someone could be affected by this type of email from the City that they live in. What I can't understand is getting an email like the one below and actually falling for it:

Dear  sAraaaH,

We have in the amount of a ka-gillion dollars, a bank account valued at 18 gold goats in my country, with your name attached.  All yooo need to do is to open a bank account for me, King WAZis of Ugarita, a Country you never heard of, but I can assure you, Dear One, that it exists.  I need a large bank account, big enough to hold Five Million DIRalakas.  Which is 763 million american.  For yooor effort and love, we will send you a harem of young pheasants for your offering and joy.

Be swEET and Well, always,

King WASix of Ugarita, South of France.

How can someone fall for a letter like that?  I don't get it.  Maybe when the internet was first invented, but now?  No.

Best idea, just stay away from the computer all together.

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