Portsmouth made Yankee Magazine's list of places to see Historic Homes in New England and they only chose 5 places!  Portsmouth was chosen for the Historical Society's Walking Tour!

Here's what Yankee Magazine.com had to say about our beloved Portsmouth:

With their embellished doorways and authentic paint colors—mustard, dusty blues, cinnamon red, and earth tones—the well-preserved clapboard colonials in Portsmouth’s South End have irresistible allure for artists and photographers. Strawbery Banke Museum is home to 32 historic structures, dating back as far as 1695, that illustrate this neighborhood’s 300-year evolution; more vintage homes can be seen lining antique lanes such as Mechanic Street. Nearby are the Portsmouth Athenaeum and other brick beauties from the 19th century, the Federal mansions of Haymarket Square and Middle Street, Victorian showpieces like the Benjamin Franklin Webster House, and even the postwar Atlantic Heights neighborhood of Colonial Revival cottages built to house shipyard workers—all worth finding, photographing, and admiring.

Truly, I could not have said it better myself!  As you may know, I love real estate, especially OLD real estate and New England has some fabulous homes to gaze upon and this just proves that case.

There are some places in Portsmouth where you can buy for $135,000.  Check out 18 Tuna Terrace, Portsmouth.  It's a mobile home that looks clean and cozy.  Lemme tell ya something, there's something to be said for a low mortgage payment.  135K and you could live in Portsmouth.  You even have a choice!  There's another mobile home at 19 Defosses Ave., Portsmouth for 175,900.  It's beautiful!  Has two entrances, the floors are beautiful.  I'm tellin' ya, you don't need to spend millions to find something nice in Portsmouth.

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