There's another one coming!

According to a report from Seacoast Online, the Rusty Hammer in Portsmouth's last day open is this Sunday, June 16.

The Seacoast online report also states that the restaurant was opened back in 1978 by Rusty Hammer and Bill MacMillen, sold to Ryan and Crystal Cronin in 2014 and they are selling it to a new owner, Joe Scarlotto.  The Cronin's said they have 4 children under the age of 9 and the restaurant has become too much.   Scarlotto says that he will re-open under another name in the fall and hasn't chosen a new name yet.

WHAT?!  Wait a minute.... a new name hasn't been picked yet?  Doesn't that mean that you and I could make suggestions for the new name?  I mean, say I wanted to name it "Sully's Ham House," it just might happen!  (okay... maybe not Sully's Ham House, but if I thought of a better name, then maybe.)  I think I'll call up the new owner!


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