Since this was found in a 'Mini-Fridge' I'm sure it will not break the current state record, whatever that may be.

Train Images
Train Images

If you know where to look throughout the many cubicles here at The Bob Fuller Media Center, you will see that some of them are equipped with 'Mini-Fridges'.

When you locate an empty cubicle WITH an empty Mini-Fridge? It's fair game and whatever you need refrigerated has a new home.

I was amazed to find this one today with a basketball sized iceberg that has formed around the freezer unit.

Should I unplug this 'Wellbilt' model from the year 1999 and leave it outside to defrost?

Or let nature take its course until the entire unit is a glacier?

If anyone from the fields of engineering or biochemistry can give me a reason as to why this berg needs immediate melting, I will comply.

As for right now, I'm just going to use it to keep my American Chop Suey from going rancid.

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