In my case, very weakly. However, Jacob of SIS Bank and Hugh from Eliot Small Engine both won their games and Jacob tries for an unprecedented SIXTH straight win!

Discover Los Angeles Orchestrates One Of The World's Largest Human-Powered Welcome Signs
Getty Images for Discover Los Angeles

 Team Sarah Picks: Los Angeles

Jacob thinks that Jared Goff and company will head to Denver and shrug off the Mile High curse that seems to affect so many teams. If he wins this 6th straight game, he'll (pardon me) he and Sarah (!) (?) will be in very rarefied air too.

Team Train Picks: Seattle

The 12th Man will be off to foggy old London for a match up against Oakland. I thought this game was going to be played at 9AM. It is not. Therefore I have already been wrong and I'm due to be correct on the outcome!

Hugh picked this game and not me and that is reason enough for you to have confidence in this selection.

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