Even the Vegas prop bets that don't mention him by name are STILL influenced by seemingly every single aspect of Tom Brady's lifestyle and antics.

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For self-proclaimed gambling aficionados like me, this is one of the most goose bump inducing weeks of the entire sports year.

It's time for Big Game Prop Bets!

And everywhere you look, there's TB12. In fact, the majority of the bets have to do with Brady. Even the ones that don't have him in the verbiage of the prop bet.

Color of the liquid that will be dumped on the winning coach after the game?

This is a fun one but if you break down the spectrum of different colors, one thing pops out at you.

Clear/Water has a decent chance to be the winning bet?

It only pays out at 6 to 1!?

I am convinced that this is in indicator that Las Vegas sportsbooks and online gambling apps like DraftKings are maneuvering the odds to reflect that WATER is a definite possibility.

Tom Brady and his TB12 method for better health famously drinks only water and would never be caught anywhere near a sports drink.

If he wins, chances are his teammates will douse him as well and they would undoubtedly do so with plain healthy water in deference to his wishes.

Will Brady attempt to high five a referee? He has done this in the past and if he does it on Sunday? The bet will also pay off 6-1.

His total passing yards VS. the current value of GameStop Stock? Yes indeed!

I'm sure Gisele probably has a half a page of these bets in Vegas too.

With Patrick Mahomes being the heir apparent to Brady, wouldn't you think he'd have his fair share of prop bets related to him too?

I'm sorry, but I just don't see the same level of obsession with Mahomes when perusing these bets.

Twenty plus years of being The Greatest has really put him way ahead in this bizarre category too!

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