We've had some beautiful weather for the past couple days, however, we are headed for some high heat for the next few days.

According to WMUR's meteorologist, Mike Haddad, we are headed in to the 90's for today thru Sunday.  Temps in the 80's stick around for Monday.

At the time that I am writing this, the temperature in Dover is 75 beautiful degrees.  I can open up the windows and let the breeze blow in without air conditioning!  As the temperature rises today, I'll be tempted to put the AC in.  I'm going to try to resist doing it, but this year, it might be a little more difficult than in years prior because my movie theater that I usually go to for cool comfort is temporarily closed.

I guess I could go to Dover Bowl, because that place opened up again earlier this week or maybe Hilltop Fun Center in Somersworth, but honestly, I kinda like staying home and working on the paint by number that I started a few weeks ago.

There are many people here in New England that don't have air conditioning because we get like.... an hour an a half of warm weather every Summer - I'm exaggerating of course, but man, when that heat hits, we just about melt.  We are used to the cold - even ME who really loved the heat, have a hard time when the mercury goes up beyond 80.

Make sure you stay hydrated, my friend!  AND, I hear from my husband that cold showers work too.

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