Has anyone gained a little weight during the isolation? Here's a new website that calculates quickly and easily how much weight you will gain. Chances are, you will do so quickly AND easily.


Quarantine 15 Calculator

Click it, IF YOU DARE.

It's very simple, you figure how much time you will be quarantined. I chose 60 days on the sliding scale of 14 to 120.

Next a simple Yes/No on whether you have been exercising. I chose Yes.

Then your favorite snack. It defaulted to Candy so, I thought that was accurate enough to leave be.

Then favorite drink AND how many of these drinks per day.  I hydrate proudly, so water and 5 drinks was my answer.


With exercise AND water as my favorite drink it STILL calculated that I would gain almost NINE pounds.

That's over a pound a week! It's amazing what the lack of movement will do to your waistline now that many are couch bound and near the fridge all day.

Get your steps in! Eat those veggies!

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