Race Fans Get Your Engines Ready

According to unionleader.com, the New Hampshire Motor Speedway will be opening this year with a full schedule. I can imagine there will be a lot of pent-up demand to get out to the speedway this year especially since it will be jam-packed with events.  There is a lot of track to make up for this year.

Last year's pandemic precautions put the brakes on a few races but it looks like the 2021 schedule is full.

Laconia Motorcycle Week June 12-20

Motorcycle fans rev those engines.  The longest-running motoric cycle race in America will be held on the Loudon track.  If you have never been to see the Loudon Classic, this is the year to make it out for the race and there will be tons of events to look forward to. This will be the 98th running of the Loudon Classic according to unionleader.com.  New Hampshire Motor Speedway is for motors and not just car engines.  Don’t forget the motorcycles.

13-race Granite State Legends Cars Road Course Series

In addition to the NASCAR Xfinity Series Lakes Region 200 that is coming on July 17, the NASCAR Cup Series will be held the following day, Sunday, July 18. This doubleheader NASCAR Event is not to be missed.  I can smell the gas fumes already.  Not only NASCAR but the 13-race Granite State Legends Cars Road Course Series will be going on through September.

You can go to the New Hampshire Motor Speedway website and pre-purchase tickets now for the events.

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