The Curse of Storrow Drive

When you hear the two words "Storrow Drive," there are probably only two things that really come to mind:

1) It can be horrible to drive on, especially if you're not from the area, and

2) The countless amount of box trucks that have gotten stuck under an overpass for being too tall.

Literally, the latter almost happens on a weekly basis. Nothing new, no surprise.

What was a surprise though yesterday morning was the reason traffic on Storrow Drive came to an absolute standstill and caused drivers to get out of their cars and run around Storrow for a few minutes.

Only In Boston via Instagram
Only In Boston via Instagram

A Dog Got Loose on Storrow Drive

No one is exactly sure where the dog came from, whether it escaped from a car that was driving on Storrow at the time or if it came from somewhere else and just ended up running onto Storrow on its own.

But early yesterday morning, traffic came to a complete halt on Storrow Drive approaching the Tobin Bridge when the dog started running around the road. Despite tons of attempts from drivers who parked their cars and got out, no one could actually capture the dog.

According to a commenter on the video posted by Only in Boston on Instagram (captured from Instagram user mashachallenge's Story), after darting away from the drivers running around Storrow:

He ran through the tunnel, into the Leverett Connector, then ran on the opposite ramp on the connector back towards Storrow, and then we lost sight of him. So many people tried to catch him.


According to 7News Boston, it's not known if the dog was reunited with its family or not, and no one in the comment thread of the Only in Boston post had any idea, either.

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