The majestic Great Horned Owl! This bird was stuck under a deck in Rye and was rescued by the Rye Police Department. Here's my guess as to why this happened.

Twitter VIA @ryepolice
Twitter VIA @ryepolice

According to, this owl was rescued in Rye yesterday by the local PD.

It's time for me to put on my Forest Ranger Train hat and attempt to fill in the blanks as to how this all went down.

This particular Great Horned is a juvenile. For those of you familiar with The Harry Potter series, juvenile owls tend to resemble The Weasley's clumsy bird 'Errol' in their flight patterns.

I'm willing to bet that this owl swooped down in hopes of catching a mouse or a vole and probably caught more of the deck than anything else.

This happens quite often with juveniles as the first owl I ever saw was a young Snowy owl that crashed into a fence post back when I was in second grade.

I'm sure that in a few days, he'll be as good as new and will steer clear of all porches in the future thanks to this ill begotten flying lesson.

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