I didn't realize when I woke up this morning that today would be the best day in over a year, but a perfectly engineered buffalo chicken wrap will always make me feel that way. That and sampling some beers.

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Have you been to the restaurant at Smuttynose, 105 Towle Farm Road, Hampton NH?

Not only did I Get food, but there was a super cool, and simultaneously warm, fire pit table where I spent a recent lunch. Ok, maybe more than an hour. And every minute was better than the one that preceded it.

It was crucial that I sample four different flavors of Smuttynose Sours in an effort to accurately determine which one I would decide to fill the 16 Oz glass you see on this featured image.

Do you see the gleaming side dish next to the wrap? Those are 'Loaded Tots'.

The perfect amount of cheddar cheese, bacon and scallions. There was also some sort of ketchup based dipping sauce that was amazing too. I'd be a bit embarrassed to discover that it was only ketchup, but, if that was the case, what an exquisite ketchup!

I 'whole'heartedly recommend the 'Whole Lotta Buffalo Chicken Sandwich' that I had served in a wrap.

For the record, I'd like to make it perfectly clear that I was driven there by a co-worker, thereby eliminating any danger in trying one too many of their delightful sours.

What a fantastic visit!

What's another place you like to have lunch?

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