Clay Millican holds the National Record for quickest pass in NHRA history.

It seems to me, (during this EXCLUSIVE Shark Interview) that he sneaks away to this New Hampshire hot spot almost as fast every time he visits.

 Hampton Beach!

I always try to sneak away and go check out the beach, Hampton Beach. It's just such a beautiful part of the country. You guys live there and you're used to it. But you're talking to a Tennessee boy and I'm just used to the Old Mississippi River.


For me to check out all the history and see all the old historic houses, it's such a thrill. You all live in a BEAUTIFUL part of this country. - Clay Millican

It just goes to show how spoiled we are as New Englanders. This gentleman drives at 325 MPH for his occupation and yet describes the landscape that we are all accustomed to seeing everyday as a 'Thrill' to behold.

Make sure you head down to New England Dragway this weekend and watch Mr. Millican thrill the crowd with what he hopes to be another earth shaking, record shattering run!

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