This WMUR-TV report makes perfect sense as more and more public firework displays are being canceled due to the pandemic.

My compliments to the WMUR-TV chyron author utilizing 'skyrocketing' as a description of local sales of Class 3 fireworks, I cannot improve on it. I can only stand back and admire it like a Screamin' Mimi.

Before you head off and buy a few cases of bottle rockets, make sure that your town allows fireworks at all. Ironically, Seabrook (which I consider the Las Vegas of New England firework purchase points), requires you to have a permit before you light your display.

Most towns have noise ordinances with 10PM cut offs. Make sure you download and check your town on the official list.

I have no idea if some of my fondest childhood memories were blatantly illegal of not, but, I will keep everything anonymous when going down memory lane.

Back in the 70's and early 80's, my favorite day of the entire summer was the 3rd of July. This was the night when my family's anonymous camp on an anonymous lake would put on a great fireworks display.

I have no idea where my anonymous Uncle got his fireworks, but they were much larger than any Class 3 that I've seen or purchased in the last 20 years.

Waiting for 'DUSK' on one of the longest days of the year seemed interminable but the sun would always set and WOW what a show.

It's funny, the things that I remember now are the mistakes. Thankfully nothing serious. One year one anonymous Uncle (while completely sober) fell off the dock and into the water fully clothed after running away from the lit wick.

And another year, a spark from one of the lit fireworks caught the entire box of fireworks on fire. Another anonymous Uncle kicked it in to the lake and the greatest grand finale ever floated for a few seconds, then sunk in a blaze of glory.

Read your instruction manuals folks!

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