There must be a million cool things about being a beloved pro athlete – especially when you’re out with your family and see a fan wearing a jersey with your name on it.

Red Sox great Jason Varitek had that honor while visiting New Hampshire’s Canobie Lake Park. The longtime catcher and two-time World Series Champion decided to have some fun with the fan by sneaking up on him and surprising him.

There was just one problem: the guy had no idea who Varitek was.

In the fan’s defense – Varitek was usually under a mask during his playing days. (Just ask A-Rod).

But it's not always easy to recognize our heroes in the flesh. Take, for instance, the time when my group was next in line for brunch in New York City and a party led by an older, grinning man with a British accent blew right by us and took our table. Of course, I went full New England on him.

“Oh! I guess we’re not as important as that other group! Maybe if WE spoke with fancy accents and showed up at the last minute, WE’D get seated first!” The British man did not like this. Soon, I could feel him watching me. The grin was gone, replaced by his piercing, blue eyes – staring angry daggers at me as I nervously downed my pancakes. The strange thing is, I felt like I knew that face from somewhere.

I’d forgotten all about that morning – until a few years later, when a very famous musician died. And about halfway through watching his farewell music video I realized that once upon a time, I’d spent a Saturday morning yelling at…David Bowie.

So when someone suggests brunch now? I say, "I know when to stay in."

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