What a memory from back in the day this is!

I don't know why, but when people my age went to High School, we decided we were going to stage a protest by not going to class.  It was the 80's/early 90's version of throwing a teenage tantrum.  Such was the case in 1990 when the students didn't like the new rule for bathroom use.

I don't know what the old rule was, but the new rule, because of smoking and vandalism, said students could only use the bathroom in between classes when teacher monitors are there.  During class, they are restricted to using the bathroom in the nurses office.

As a girl, I know there might be times when girls need to run to the bathroom - even during class, but I can't imagine that it would create a line at the nurses office.  When this sort of thing happened at my High School, I went to class.  I don't remember what the grievance of our class was, but I remember thinking it was stupid and I wanted to save my passion and fury for issues closer to my heart.

Side note:  Check out Tom Griffith!!  Still on WMUR today!

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