Some people were so sad to find out this bridge was taken down and moved after the town of Dover, New Hampshire, sold it for $1.  For others, they never knew what happened to this piece of history in their lives until now.  Either way, talk about memories. On the Forgotten New Hampshire Facebook group, a simple photo and reminder about this bridge took so many down nostalgia lane, as you can tell from some of the comments.

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This 154-foot-long pedestrian bridge used to cross over the Cochecho River in Dover, according to the Laconia Daily Sun, but now sits across the Tioga River in two different locations after the Belmont Conservation Commission purchased it for $1.  Yup, just a buck.  The sale from the Dover City Council happened in 2013, but the bridge didn't find its permanent home until the pandemic.  The article continues to say that the sale only happened because community support to help with the bridges upkeep fell short for the town of Dover.

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It's now called the Village Rail Spur Trail Bridge, and if you want to learn a bit more about its progression from Dover to Belmont, click here on the Town of Belmont website.

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Because the bridge was sold, moved, and reassembled between 2013 and 2019, many in Dover definitely lost touch with the progress. Here's a wonderful timeline in the Minnisquam Echo. There are very cool photos in this article of the final days of putting one of the sections together. Just think, after a simple posting on Forgotten New Hampshire, memories came flooding back, and many are just now discovering where this bridge landed.

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