After searching online for nearly an hour I could NOT find any images of Dunkin' Donuts from back when the 'Old Fashioned' donuts had a handle. However, thanks to some New Englanders, I feel vindicated that my memory was correct!

making donuts from scratch
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For those of you that were born prior to 1980, you'll clearly remember that the plain donut at Dunkin' looked like a Q.

They were made this way specifically so you could dunk them in your coffee.

In fact, their plain donuts were called 'Dunkin' Donuts' before they changed the name to 'Old Fashioned' in the 1990's.

If you look at this 1983 ad, (at :17) the plain donuts are in fact called 'Dunkin' Donuts'.

I'm thankful to many members of New England who remember the handles as well.

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