Where could you get four new tires installed, aligned, balanced  AND a great washer and dryer? None other than Fred L. Wiggin, Inc. on the Route One Bypass in Portsmouth.

Set of new modern tires in shop. Sale a tire in shop in the background.
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If you thought the last sentence was a misprint, you have my pity.

Fred L. Wiggin, Inc. was a Good Year tire dealership but it was SO much more than that. The building where it once was is still there and it's official address is 406 US Bypass. It's the last building on the left before the railroad bridge as you head southbound.

I have terrible anxiety when dealing with anything mechanical and that was NEVER a problem at this place. Everyone was always so friendly and professional. You'd simply say your name and car make and model and whatever tire you needed replaced, hand over your keys and that was it.

They also sold appliances (?) so you could check out fridges, freezers and washing machines in the waiting room as they serviced your vehicle.

The last time I went in there was early in 1999. I had a bent rim that they replaced with a used one and that whole procedure took 10 minutes and cost less than 10 bucks.

Shortly thereafter they sold the location to a car dealership and the building has been vacant for over a decade now.

Do you remember Fred L Wiggin, Inc? I still miss them terribly.

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