200 tons of imported sand is going to be transformed in to the magic that is the Sand Sculpting Classic this weekend on Hampton Beach, according to hamptonbeach.org.


It would take me a long time to do these sculptures, but the artists on the sand make it look so easy!

If you don't know about the competition, there is some money to be made for the winners. According to Hamptonbeach.org, there is a People's Choice entry that you can vote on this weekend.

Next year, the event will be, as it always has been before 2020, June 17 - 19, 2021.  That's really a better time for the competition with more people getting to see it.

I have to be doing something when I go to the beach. Honestly, if I wanted to take a nap, I have a bed for that and my Irish skin would never allow a nap in the blazing sun anyway, so I have to slather up with sunscreen and either collect shells or build a sandcastle.  It's really never left me.  I know I must look sort of weird being an adult creating a sand castle, but I don't care.  I might just grow up to win some money in the Hampton Beach Sand Sculpting Classic!

Do you remember K-Tel's Sno block maker?  Only 2.99 and you could have tons of fun outside in the freezing cold.  It doubled as fun in the sun too!  You could use it for sand castles too.  Check out this YouTube flashback!  Those were some fun times.


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