The New England pronunciation of Tampa is 'Tamper' which is quite fitting because this team has been seemingly doing everything in the last few weeks to tamper with Brady's free agency and WOW!

Apparently it has paid off.

According to Ian Rapoport on Twitter, Brady is expected to sign with the Bucs for $30 million.

Additionally, Colin Cowherd reported that he had a source that said Brady was headed Tampa Bay and tweeted as such.

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians has been doing everything short of singing love songs to Brady in an effort to woo him to the land of St. Pete Beach.

I guess I was in denial because I never thought that he'd ACTUALLY end up there.

While the official announcement hasn't been made, signs seem to be pointing to Tampa.

The thought of Brady wearing a creamsicle colored throw back jersey just makes me nauseous.

That said, to say that the last nineteen years have been incredible would be a tremendous understatement. I harbor ZERO ill will towards Thomas Edward Patrick Brady although I will say that it feels very strange rooting for him wearing crimson, pewter and tangerine.


As The J Geils Band lyric goes 'It's okay, I understand, this ain't no never never land' but watching him hoist his 7th Lombardi with another team? Let alone the Bucs?

Will be more bitter than sweet.

Guess we'll find out from TB12 soon enough what his final decision is.

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