Rick Nielsen's guitars -- up to and including that crazy-cool five-necked one -- are as much a part of Cheap Trick lore as their power-pop hits. So, it's not too surprising that fans would love a chance to own one of them.

Or maybe all of them. Nielsen is getting a sense of how deep that gear-head passion runs after launching an official shop at Reverb, where a selection of his instruments was recently put up for sale.

The entire initial lot for this auction was gone in the virtual blink of an eye, leading Nielsen to promise more. And not just a little while ago he added a 1959 Gibson ES-330T. "I love guitars, and guitars love me," Nielsen writes. "But sometimes they need new homes where they can live to rock another day."

Of course, we're not talking pocket change here. Bidding on the '59 Gibson quickly zoomed toward $7,000. A yellow Dean "Psychobilly Cabbie" -- featuring nifty black-and-white checkered sides -- has already been snapped up for a cool $1,750. And his '30s-era Regal-made square-neck Dobro went for $1,600.

Then there was Rick Nielsen's Loverridge Tremorator, which is covered with an Andy Warhol-ish pattern of a woman's face. That one sold for $2,200. And it's not just guitars. A Gibson P-90 pickup set, from a 1955 Les Paul custom, netted around $1,900, too.

Hopefully, Nielsen is saving something to perform with. Cheap Trick are playing Las Vegas this weekend before heading to Australia and New Zealand into April. Summer U.S. dates with Peter Frampton will follow.

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