This Halloween display is definitely remembering businesses and companies that are no longer with us in a very Halloween way. It's one of those walks down memory lane for so many of us, while also being quite creative and funny. Logos even grace this Halloween display in Smithfield, Rhode Island, by Joshua Paternaude, who posted a video on TikTok and Instagram.

According to WBZ Boston, it truly pays homage to businesses that we New England shoppers (and in some cases, Rhode Islanders) can appreciate. It includes more recent closures like our beloved Christmas Tree Shops, and even the Pawtucket Paw Sox triple-A baseball team for the Boston Red Sox has its own tombstone. As you may recall, the team was moved to Worcester, Massachusetts, and with that move, a name change to the Worcester Red Sox.

We could all totally brainstorm so many more businesses for this Halloween display if we wanted to, especially since each New England state has its own share of stores that could have a RIP gravestone. Blockbuster is even included, as it's waiting for that final closure.

While some of these businesses may still be open in other places (for instance, Sears has one location in the Boston area and Toys R Us plans to reopen stores at airports and on cruise ships), this is a Rhode Island thing that we can all appreciate.

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