I've been a big fan of this sandwich, The Chacon, for years. Come to find out, a local youth was so obsessed with them, he wrote a hilarious dark poem about the sadness he felt, based on its absence.

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Only darkness

The stars, beacons of hope

Trying to fill the void the sun has left,

That IT has left


The moon invisible to us leaving only darkness

The Chacon is gone

So is my soul

So is the sun

Which leaves only darkness - Author Unknown

You can find this powerful piece of writing at River Bend, in a glass case.

I have never read any words that better convey the desolation felt when your favorite food cannot be attained.

My apologies to the author, as I was swept up in such emotion that I could not recall his name.

Jessi at River Bend informed me that the he was inspired after discovering that the restaurant had closed for day.

You'll be happy to know that this somber piece has a sequel that celebrates the happiness of enjoying 'The Chacon', upon his return.

Truly, a beautiful tale.

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