According to the Rochester Voice, Mitchell Hill BBQ is set to open on October 8th, however, some friends of mine have said that it may be pushed until a week after that.

Either way, the Lilac City is looking forward to some sweet heat.

The story also says that Mitchell Hill BBQ will be located in the former Mel Flanagan's pub on North Main Street in Rochester. Owners Bob and Roxanne Benoit have been in the catering business for about 7 years and now they are trying their hand at restaurant owners.

It is a lot of work being in the restaurant business. I had a couple server gigs - one in college, just to pay for books and one for the old people at a nursing home.  Neither one was for me.

The catering job was literally, "just hand the people a plate of food."  This was not known by the people I served.  They asked me for more water, wine, beer, another fork, etc., etc., and I had a hard time not fulfilling their request because it wasn't my job.  (I actually got in trouble for replacing a fork and the like).

The nursing home job didn't work either.  All I wanted to do was sit and talk to Mr. or Mrs. 90 year old.  The people who ran the place frowned upon that, so I quit.

All the best to Mitchell Hill BBQ.

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