There were four chili chowder championships up for grabs Saturday night and I'm here to tell you who hoisted the coveted Rochester Elks 'Winter Blues Chili Chowder Fest' titles.

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First of all, I'd like to thank The Rochester Elks for once again inviting me to be a 'Secret Celebrity Judge' for this event. As you can see from the above picture, it was a delicious gig for sure!

Judges Choice for Chili: Granite Steak and Grill

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There were 5 judges in total and we all agreed that this medium/hot blend of high quality beef, beans and sauce from Granite Steak and Grill was the finest traditional chili at the event, and therefore won our vote.

Peoples Choice For Chili: Radey Ranch

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This chicken based chili was the favorite among the many who attended this event as well as one of the esteemed panel of judges who shall remain anonymous.

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Here are Skip and Cindy Radey, who not only took home the trophy but also let me sit at their table while I wasn't sequestered.

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Rochester Elks Lodge Judge's AND People's Choice

Have you ever had a seafood chowder and thought, this is it, this is the greatest chowder I've ever had. Hands down.

THAT is how good the blend of fresh shrimp and lobster was from the host table of this event. Congrats to The Elks for not only having the best chowder ever but for putting on a great night!

Only 363 days until next year!