I'm happy to report that the three baby squirrels that somehow survived the crisis of their nest crashing into a paved driveway in Rochester, are all safe and sound.

Photo Credit - Angie Freen
Photo Credit - Angie Freen

It was a long morning for a lot of us that live on this section of Winter Street in Rochester yesterday.

A twenty five foot tree stump carrying a squirrel nest crashed at 4AM and subsequently catapulted and slammed these three adorable residents against the pavement of a driveway.

Train Images
Train Images

They were very upset, with good reason, and all wailed in a high pitched screech that I hope I never hear again.

In the world of Granite State wildlife, this is considered a 'non-emergency'. And my neighbors were instructed to wait until 8AM, four hours, and then animal services would be happy to assist them.

The only problem with that is, we live in a neighborhood with a heavy cat presence.

This is great for keeping the mouse and rat population low (I've never had to buy a trap in ten years), but it's a horrible environment for three blind squirrel babies to lay around  motionless and squeaking.

My neighbor carefully placed them in the makeshift cardboard home that you see on the featured image, and they safely snoozed there on the porch until they were taken to wildlife rehab.

All three of them are doing well and we have been updated that two of them are boys and one is a girl.

They are without a doubt, three of the toughest critters I've ever seen.

That is some hearty New England stock right there!

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