It's exciting enough whenever Boston teams win in the postseason, but when you factor in Las Vegas sports bets? Things can get downright stressful.

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On my trip to Vegas last December, I was sent with explicit instructions to bet on a few different baseball teams, but once I arrived in Sin City, I was faced with a dilemma.

Since Opening Day was still four months away, the sports books weren't 'taking action' on the total number of wins that a team would have in the 2018 season and my buddy wanted the "OVER" on the Sox.

Since it wasn't available, I took that $50 and put it on Boston to win the Pennant. As you can imagine, it got stressful as the Sox racked up a franchise record 108 victories and he didn't win one cent.

Thankfully, Boston easily dispatched the reigning World Champs in the ALCS and now that ticket (only pays 5-1 but hey, not bad) will be cashed in when I return there in 48 days! (not that I'm counting)

If you read my henscratch closely, you'll see that I made the same bet for another guy on the Yankees. WHO CARES? Too bad, so sad. hahahahahahahhahahah

You'll also see that Boston had 10-1 odds to win it all, if they do that, I'll have an additional ticket to cash in for $550!

Goooooooooooooooooo Sox!

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