After weeks of renovations took place at this Columbus Avenue location, new signage was up yesterday! Does anyone have any details about the Grand Opening?

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Burrito Banditos

Whenever I'd drive by at night, I'd see sombreros and other South Of The Border styled decor, so the Mexican theme wasn't THAT big a 'reveal'.


I drive past this 667 Columbus Ave locale AT LEAST three times a day and I'm very excited about the prospects of a quickly grabbing a delicious burrito, or chicken burrito or carnitas burrito whenever I feel the need.

La Corona is a terrific Lilac City restaurant but I never seem to make it all the way to Route 11 before deciding on something closer to my house. This place will be perfect!

The only problem is, I cannot find any details as to when it will open!

There's not even a sign saying 'Opening Soon'.

Does anyone know ANYTHING about this place?

I'll be ever so grateful with any information.

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