I've spent hours trying to come up with a proper headline so I can brag about the very important service that I provide at 'Scrubbing Board Laundromat' in Rochester.

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Yep, that's me.

Twice a year I coordinate my entire laundry schedule around being at Scrubbing Board shortly after it opens on the Sunday mornings of Daylight Savings.

If it's time to 'Spring Ahead' or 'Fall Back', you'll find me there, often trying again and again to put that clock back on the correct nail, which is a lot more difficult a task than you would think.

Can you think of ANY place on Earth where time means more than at a Laundromat?

People setting their unmentionables for Heavy Soil and they realize they left their cell phones in the car? Where else are they going to look to figure out the exact time in which their underwears will escape the stainless steel Dexter prison?

You're welcome Lilac City!

I shall see you on March 10th!

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