And a perfect night of weather too! I'll be hosting and the cruise starts at 7:30pm with live music from The Groove Cats. Ever want to know what the Laighton looks like from a bird's eye view?

Without a doubt, my favorite drone videographer is 'DaveIn NH'.

If this were any other video, by any other drone, I'd skip the vid ahead so you'd get the instant view from high above The MV Thomas Laighton. NOPE!

I'm hoping that by NOT doing that, many people will get to enjoy more of the scenery altogether. How this only has a few views is beyond me and a downright shame.

Meanwhile, some house cat riding an automated vacuum just got its 100 millionth view.

Well, tonight The GROOVE Cats will be rocking a Marine Vessel and it all starts at 7:30pm.

Thanks to The Isles Of Shoals Steamship Company and Founders All Day IPA!

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