The Limardi Party was a HUGE SUCCESS!!

Last night's Rockin' on the River Cruise with the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company was a blast!!  The MV Thomas Laighton was rockin'!

We were a little worried about the clouds at first, but the rain stayed away and it was a beautiful night!

Your host last night was The Shark's Afternoon Host, Joe Limardi!  Here he is with the "best dressed" guest on the boat!

Lots of friends joined us like, Jodi from Accounting!

The absolute HERO of the night, Mr. Shawn Olsten, providing all the tunes:

The later the night got, the more people danced the clouds away!!

Even I got a chance to get behind the turntables!

The next cruise is on July 24 with the On Tap Band!  Cruise with Cruz with our Midday host, Nikki Cruz!  Don't miss it.  It's a wicked fun night!