NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is supposedly going to announce more lenient rules towards celebrations during the NFL Spring Meeting.

So, that is what is allowed, here is what will get you flagged and fined according to Pelissero:

I guess fans and many players expressed an interest in bringing back crazy celebrations and not flagging and fining for them, so Roger listened and will possibly make it happen.

I have never been a huge fan of the over the top dances and celebrations. I feel like you need to act like you've been there before, hand the ball to the ref, slap a few high fives, get to the sideline and lets keep the game going. Rarely do I find much entertainment value in excessive celebrations, however it doesn't bother me one bit that they're coming back, it's a small part of the game, I can live with it, and every once in awhile I'll probably see a clever, funny celebration that I actually enjoy. Check out these celebrations!

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