About 5 years ago, the cardboard sign 'Closed For Rest' was hung in the front door of 'Royal Pizza' in Rochester and it has remained that way ever since.

Train Images
Train Images

Thick home made crust, a slightly sweet sauce and a cheese blend that tasted somewhat more like cheddar than mozzarella, THE BEST.

Every single topping choice seemed to be a 'one of a kind' type flavor as well. Their hamburg, their onions, the pepperoni and the mushrooms all uniquely awesome.

I miss this place so much that I've now had several dreams that it has re-opened and it's always exactly like it was for so many years. Then before I take a bite, I wake up.

When I took this picture yesterday, I felt a bit like Charlie Bucket outside the locked gates of Mr. Wonka's factory.

Any stories you have about Royal Pizza House will be greatly appreciated.

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