Michael Bates has quite the spring cleaning project on his hands, and he has to execute in the next 10 days. Or, the town will make a move.

His yard has become an eyesore for neighbors. There have been reports of rats and other rodents infesting the area. According to the Union Leader, a Salem property owner has been given 10 days to clean up the mountains of printer boxes. The boxes have reportedly leaned on and compromised neighboring fences.

Property owner Michael Bates told Judge Marguerite Wageling that he had hoped to sell the property at 45 Maclarnon Road, but he was unable to reach a deal, according to the Union Leader. Without a pending sale, Salem has had enough, ordering Bates to clean up as much as he can within the next ten days. Afterwards, the town will have authority to clean up whatever remains, at the cost of the homeowner. How much could this cost? Salem Health Officer Brian Lockard said the town has received estimates of $15,000 to $18,000 to clean up the mess.

According to the Union leader, Bates has told officials that he removed the ink cartridges from the printers to recycle for profit before his business closed. From there, the trash got out of control. Bates has said the cleanup could be done in 30-60 days.


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