Of course, Salem has many visitors throughout the year, but we all know that it is a crazy time to visit Salem, Massachusetts, in the Fall months. All the tourists are out in full force, flooding the streets, ready to see all that Salem offers. There is so much history and you can explore it with all the museums and just by walking around.

There is actually another way in which you can feel like you are exploring Salem without even leaving your house. That's right, the only crowd would be your friends and family. If you are someone that enjoys game nights, or just playing games on occasion, then you may like this.

I'm sure you know about Monopoly, but do you know about Salemopoly? There are many versions of Monopoly being made, and honestly, I am still waiting for a Maine version to be created, but this one allows you to own property in the witch city, Salem, MA.

In the game, you will not be sent to jail, but instead, be caught up in a traffic jam. On the board, you may spot places that you have visited in the past, like the Salem Witch Museum, the Bewitched statue, and Salem Willows.

The Salemopoly board game seems to sell out fast, so you may have to check back frequently if it is something that you want to play. The game will cost you $49.99, but let's be honest, it is cheaper than visiting Salem multiple times in the year.

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