Team Sarah is so red hot right now that it's team captain aced a football trivia question that was specifically designed to trip her up. Listen here for the miraculous audio!

Tracey Photo Credit
Tracey Photo Credit

Team Sarah Picks: New Orleans

'Who is the Quarterback for The New Orleans Saints?' - Hugh from Eliot Small Engine asked this directly to Sarah in an attempt to discredit any opinion she had on the Philly/Saints Divisional matchup.

Wrong move!

Listen with amazement as she gets the correct answer (above at 4:10)

Could this spell DOOM for Team Sarah though? As 99% of her reasons for agreeing with Jacob from SIS Bank as he chose teams this year have had very little basis in fact, reality or accuracy of any kind.

Team Train Picks: Kansas City

After losing the most heartbreaking playoff game on the 'Double Doink in Chicago' last weekend, Team Train is completely shattered.

We selected Kansas City in hopes that our 'cursedness' may help The Pats earn home field next week by being the highest remaining seed. However, even typing 'The Pats' anywhere near the heading of 'Team Train' has me petrified.

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